How to Comment

Hello, readers. I am Noah. On this post I am going to tell you how to comment.

First, go to someone’s blog. Next, find their post that most interests you. Then, go to the bottom of that post and find the phrase “comments”, or “2 comments”, etc. Then, put in the comment you want to put and then when you think that you have made a good comments, post it. And that is how you comment on someone’s post that you find really interesting.

I will also tell you how to leave an effective comment on someone’s post.

First, make sure to compliment the writer but not too much. Something like, “I like the way you did this or that”, and be specific about what you compliment. Next, you could give new information about the post that the author might not know about. Then, you will need to make a connection about what the author has wrote. Something like, “I remember when I did something… and that was similar to when you…” Also, you could possibly ask a question on the topic that the author is writing about, like something they have not written about that you know of. Finally, once you are done making the comment, make sure that you proofread it and verify that you have done well on the conventions. This is how you make an effective comment on someone’s post.

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