Week 3: Activity 2

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Poem About Pugs

Pugs are cool, but they really like to drool.

They like to cuddle, but always make puddles.

They like to play, and some can be gray.

They are very grumpy, and are lumpy.

They like to paw with their very sharp claws.

Pugs always snore and ruin your floors.

Have you ever had a Pug? If not I encourage you to give one a hug.

I will appreciate if you comment below, and be sure to say hello!

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Activity 2

  1. Hi! This is Henry, your teacher’s son. I love your poem about Pugs. It is hilarious and totally true! ( :

  2. G’day Roscoe the Dog,
    Love the pug poem but it is spoilt by the code for the image attribution.

    In your dashboard, check if you have a plugin called Compfight. You need to activate it, then when you are writing a post, above the writing area will be a compfight button. Put the cursor where you want your image, click on the compfight button, search for an image and choose S or M under the image.

    Your image and attribution will now appear on your blog.

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